As you probably know, I love a damn good cup of coffee.

First thing I do in the morning is get a kettle of water boiling to start my coffee routine.

Now, while I do have a regular cup of coffee later in the day, my morning cup is prepared slightly different.

I use a mix of ingredients for my first cup of the day.

You may have heard of Bulletproof or Keto coffee before. My morning cup of coffee uses my own spin on those two methods.

Here's the ingredient list:

I place all the ingredients into my blender for about 20 seconds and the pour the mixture into a mug.

The cocoa and cinnamon give it the taste of a spiced holiday drink, and the agave syrup adds the right amount of sweetness.

There are a few reasons why I prepare my morning coffee like this:

  1. I fast in the morning using the intermittent fasting method and the coffee helps me last longer throughout the morning before I need solid foods.
  2. The mixture of grass fed butter and coconut oil are healthy fats and I try to incorporate several of those types of food into my diet.

If you've never had this type of coffee before, I recommend you give it a try. You might just like it.