Hey, it's me, Steffen ?

Hey, it's me, Steffen ?

Here's the page where I'm supposed to write a little something about myself. So here goes nothin'.

Here's the page where I'm supposed to write all about me, me, me. So here goes nothin'.

I live in sunny-as-hell Phoenix, AZ ?. Yes, it’s a dry heat, but it’s hot as eff during the summer. The winters though, oh, they are AMAZING.

I am a husband to a lovely wife ?‍♀️, and a new dad ?. You know how every parent jokes about losing sleep with couples that are expecting their first child? Yeah, they’re not jokes, it’s real ?

If you like caffeine before kids, you’ll be best friends with it after they arrive.

Speaking of caffeine…

I love a good cup of coffee ☕️. Every morning I wake up and make a cup of coffee using light roast beans because I’m sort of a coffee snob ??‍♂️

All kidding aside, I make my morning cup of Joe using these beans and then mix it together with a bunch of stuff. It's my little science experiment.

I prepare my coffee with a tool all the coffee hipsters use nowadays.

I have an ever-growing book collection because I’m a compulsive book buyer. I’ll get to them all eventually, right?

But for real, I do try and read a book a month to keep my writing skills on point.

If you like copywriting, here’s my recommended list of books to check out.

If you like improving your productivity, take a look at these ones.

I went to school to get a degree in Psychology to expand my love for learning about the human mind and habits.

Our habits, processes, routines, and systems are what make us.

It’s how companies grow, governments function, and how each of us make a decision.

We aren’t free thinkers like we would like to believe ?

We make decisions based on our past decisions, or on the influences given around us.

That’s what I’m all about.

Learning more about how humans function, and sharing it with you.

You can take what I find and apply it to your own systems, your business, or whatever-the-hell you want.

If you read this all the way to the bottom, thank you ?

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I try to share something about psychology, business, or marketing every week.

If I miss a week, it’s probably because the baby kept me up all night ?